Adding and Editing CROs in Your Account


Adding a CRO from your Account Profile

Navigate to the Account Preferences section of your Account Profile and select the Add or Edit Credit Reporting Organizations button.


From the pop-up menu you will see the section, Add Credit Reporting Organization to My Profile, where you can click on the drop-down arrow and scroll through to find the Credit Reporting Organization you wish to add to your Account.


After you have clicked on the CRO you wish to add, you can then enter in your license number in the My ID Number section.


Once you have filled out your ID Number you can click the Add button. You will see then see the CRO listed under the Credit Reporting Organizations section of your Account Profile.


Editing your CROs Inside your Account

To edit a CRO tied to your account click the Add or Edit Credit Reporting Organizations button under the Account Preferences section.


From the pop-up menu, you will see a section, My Current Records, which will list below any CROs that are currently tied to your account. From here you can update your license number or remove the CRO via the Delete button.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


I do not have the option to Add or Edit CROs in my Account

Not all content providers have the option to add or edit CROs in your account. In some cases, the CRO is automatically added to your account. If you have further questions, please contact your content provider for more information.


My credit reporting organization is not included in the list of CROS.

If you do not see your CRO listed it may not be an approved CRO for your content provider. Please contact your content provider directly for more information.


I do not know or remember my ID Number

Please contact your content provider or CRO for assistance.



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