Course Not in Classroom


If you are not seeing your course in your classroom, it may be one of the following reasons:


Order Sync

If you just purchased your course, try logging out and logging back into your account. If you do not see your course populate in your classroom within an hour of your purchase, contact your content provider directly for assistance.

If the purchase for your course went through your provider, it’s possible there is an error or delay in the course showing up in your classroom. If you do not see your course after purchase and you have allowed up to an hour for it to populate, then reach out to your provider directly for assistance.


Multiple Accounts

You may have multiple accounts in the system associated with different email addresses. Check your order confirmation to confirm which email address was used to purchase the course and ensure you are logged in under that account. If needed, you can reach out to technical support to update your accounts.


Course Has Expired

If you are trying to locate a course you purchased in the past, it’s possible the streaming access has expired, and the course is no longer showing in your classroom. The length of streaming access is determined by your content provider. You can reach out to technical support or your provider to see if the access to your course can be extended.


Course Not Hosted in Freestone

It is possible that your course is not being hosted in the Freestone platform. Check your confirmation email for details about your course.



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