Locating Your Certificate


If you are looking for your certificate, you can use these steps to locate and download your certificate.


Downloading your certificate from the Education Credit Profile

First, sign into your account and find the Manage Credit section in your Account Profile. Select Click Here to Submit or to Retrieve Completion Certificates which will take you to the Education Credit Profile. Here, you can scroll to Submitted Credit and click on Certificate on the right-hand side of the course you wish to download the certificate for.



If you haven’t submitted for credit yet or you did not complete the course, it will show under Pending Credit. To submit for a course, click Submit Credit on the right-hand side to continue. Once complete, you can then download your certificate under the Submitted Credit section.



Downloading your certificate from the Viewer

In your Account Profile, click on Click Here to Proceed to Your Classroom and then click the course title you want to download the certificate for.



Once you are on the Course Page, click on Resume to launch the Viewer. Then, locate the Credit Submission tab. If your credit has been submitted, you should then see the Course Certificate listed at the top; at which point, you can click on it to pull up the Certificate to download.


Note: If you do not see the option to download your certificate it is because you did not complete the course, or you did not submit for credit yet.


If you are still having issues locating your certificate:

  • If your account doesn’t have a Credit Reporting Organization (CRO) tied to it, the certificate will not appear on the credit page. You will need to add your CRO to your profile or ask for assistance by contacting support. Click here for Adding and Editing CROs in Your Account.
  • If the course doesn’t have credit available, a certificate will not show up after you completed the program.
  • You may also reach out to Freestone Support for assistance. You can open a chat for assistance, call our support line at 866-702-3278, or send email to us at support@freestonesupport.zendesk.com




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