Submitting Credit for a Live Course

Day of the live course

In the Viewer, where you watched the live course, click on the Credit Submission tab to view if all requirements are completed. Then select the Submit Credit button available after the checklist is complete.



Note: If you did not complete all requirements to Submit Credit, you will need to contact your provider so they can review your attendance for credit.


Submit for Credit after the live course

If the live program has concluded and you still need to submit for credit, you may be able to still submit under the Credit Profile. You can locate this by accessing your Manage Credit tab on your account homepage and then scrolling down to the Pending Credit section. Here, you can submit if you have completed all requirements.



Checking the available credit hours

You can check how many credit hours you will receive after completing the course by clicking on Credit Submission and the available credit hours will be listed at the top of the credit page.



Additional Information

Some live programs, such as virtual conferences, may have alternative instructions for credit submission. Always check the Announcements tab located in your Viewer for any updated information about your event.

Reporting credit to your CRO

If your credit hours are not reflected on your transcript, please reach out to us so we can check that the course has been successfully submitted for credit. Be sure you have your proper CRO added to your account, please see the Adding and Editing CROs in Your Account article.


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